American Holidays & Special Days

Students, how many holidays and special days in the USA do you know?

Can you name some of them?

Let's find out together!








St. Patrick's Day


March 17th

There are lots of people in America who originally came from Ireland. St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland.

Easter March/April

Christians celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Earth Day March

The importance of environmental protection is emphasized on this day.

Arbor Day Last Friday in April

This is a very special day for planting tress.

Cinco de Mayo May 5th

It's a holiday to display Mexican culture, such as food, music, drinks and customs.

Mother's Day 2nd Sunday in May It's a holiday for people to say thanks to their mother.
Memorial Day 1st Monday in May This is a holiday that Americans remember those people who died in wars.


Flag Day June 14th This is a special day to honor the American flag.
Graduation Day June Schools have graduation ceremony to bless students who graduate.
Summer Outing June/July Students visit Colonial Williamsburg to learn American history.
Father's Day 3rd Sunday in June It's a holiday to thank fathers.
Independence Day July 4th There are parades and picnics to celebrate the day when the American colonies became independent from Britain.
Summer Camp July/August Young learners go summer camps to experience wild life and learn new skills in hope to gain the spirits of independence and confidence.
State Fair August/September Farmers take their animals to the state fair, to exhibit them and compete for prizes.
Summer Vacation July/August This isn't a special holiday, but it's the last time to enjoy yourself before school starts again.
First Day of School September: Week 1 Schools begins on this day.
Labor Day 1st Monday in September Labor Day is on the first Monday of fall. It honors all the American workers. It's always on a Monday.
Citizenship Day September 17th It celebrates the adoption of the written constitution of the United States.
Columbus Day 2nd Monday in October This is the anniversary of Christopher Columbus's arrival in America.
Halloween October 31st This is the holiday when children dress up in scary costumes.
Election Day 1st Tuesday after 1st Monday in November People vote for the governor of their state, city mayors, Senators, and Representatives.
Veterans Day November 11th People remember those who died in World War I.
Thanksgiving Last Thursday in November It celebrates the Pilgrims' first harvest in 1621.
Christmas December 25th This is a very important Christian holiday. People celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.
New Year's Day January 1st People celebrate the coming of the new year and make their new year's resolutions.
Kwanzaa December 26th to January 1st This seven-day African American festival begins the day after Christmas. It is the same time of the year as the harvest festivals in Africa.
Martin Luther King Jr. Day January 15th People remember the famous African American, Martin Luther King, on this day.
Groundhog Day February 2nd This is a festival for people who want to know when spring is coming.
Valentine's Day February 14th It's a day for people to express love not only to the one they like but also their friends, teachers and those who care for themselves.
Chinese New Year January/February Chinese immigrants celebrate this day with parades, dragon boat dance and firecrackers.
President's Day Third Monday in February It celebrates the birthdays of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.
  • The table above is adapted and partly revised from Myles, J. (2002) Holidays and Special Days in the USA, Scholastic Inc.